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Accurate information and data about client products is often as important as the actual physical condition of the product. Phoenix has made significant investments into our information technology platform. With our user friendly system, our approach is to convert, process, access, transmit and manage electronic data based information in a paperless environment. Our WMS system known as Synapse is relational with your system and provides visibility and item level detail of your product via the internet.

Phoenix is committed to support our client’s distribution requirements with integrated, cutting edge information management technology. Recognized as one of the leading privately held 3PL companies, Phoenix frequently allocates resources to develop, advance and implement our information technology capabilities. As a result, unless a manufacturer or importer has devoted an unusually high amount of capital funding to IT, they will find that one of the benefits of using a public warehouse is the availability of leading edge information technology.

Advantages include:

  • Remote internet visibility

  • Accurate real time reporting and shipment status

  • Warehouse–client EDI transactions

  • RF scanning and bar coding

  • Improve inventory management control

  • Shorten cycle times

  • Cost containment through advanced outsourcing

Services include:

  • Wireless infrastructure

  • Secured off-site hosting

  • License Plating

  • Wave planning and releases

Standard EDI Data Sets Include:

  • 832 Depositors finished goods product information, item master

  • 943 Shipment details, incoming alert to warehouse from depositor

  • 944 Confirmation and details of product received by warehouse

  • 940 Order release from depositor, instructing warehouse to ship

  • 945 Warehouse advise to depositor that shipment was made

  • 856 Used to list the contents of a shipment of goods, as well as, additional information relating to the shipment. The sender of this transaction is the organization responsible for detailing and communicating the required information, sometimes known as ASN (advance ship notice)

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